We will always work for the purpose of making all the human beings smile and be happy.

Vista Cruise Inc. will create work environments for future generations, which give them more acceptable and comfortable quality of life, by providing web platforms for freelance IT engineers, IT and business consultants, and (also freelance) working mothers, or our own AI product service for consumers and a training service for AI engineers.


‘Emilee’ is our brand for each service; providing many services such as,

  • Emilee Mama
    those three services above are based on gig-economy or freelance platform, which we manage and operate as human resource agency for clients.
  • Emilee AI Academy
  • Emilee Kids
    those two services above are innovated for solving future generations’ education issues.
  • Emilee Law Suites
    this is a legal-tech and AI product, aiming for supports of legal departments by using this competitive and efficient business process cloud package, whose feature is especially on AI application to international law.
Consulting Services
IT and Strategy Concept Planning
Implementation Support for Business, IT and ERP
Digital・AI Consulting
AI Human Resource Development and Education Services
Emilee AI Academy
AI* Legal Tech Services
Emilee Law Suite
Freelance Platform for Mothers
Emilee Mama

We would like to brighten our future people and society, upon which our present social activities work.

Vista Cruise Inc., being established in 2006 as a comprehensive consulting service company, has grown steadily year by year. At startup stage, Vista Cruise’s services centered on ERP consulting, accounting and finance, as well as systems and business consulting. Based on its substantial wealth of experience in assisting customers in the field, the company has steadily expanded its business, into freelance market and into a training service for IT human resources.

Our basic recognition regarding business environments and our comprehensive idea on “Consulting Service” has been permanently changed, under circumstances that high speeded technological innovations on a global scale or drastically continuous changes of our social structure happen, and also under circumstances that SDGs have become the goal of solving social problems that must be achieved globally through the “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” formulated at the United Nations Summit in September 2015.
We should stop clinging to the past. What should a consulting company do? We should sincerely keep asking ourselves this, and at the same time, the sincere answers to this question are updated as actual services. We understand that we can keep growing by repeating this cycle.

It is only our principle of conduct in our business activities that we plan and launch our new and innovative actual business if we have faced to various problems and issues surrounding companies and societies. Our management and business must be absolutely future-oriented, and must lead to a sustainable society, including problems of population trends and labor shortages that have a significant impact on the economic and labor environments. We will sincerely contribute to the realization of our global mission. We will continue to persevere in creating new value through cooperation with universities and other educational and research institutions that aim to contribute to a better society for the future, as well as through cooperation with the government and other industries.

Founder and CEO,
Toru Naruse

Board Members

Toru Naruse,
Founder and CEO,
After graduating from the First Department of Literature, Waseda University, he joined PriceWaterhouse Consultants co., ltd. Provided consulting services for a number of listed companies. Since he became Independent Contractor, he has been engaged in a wide range of consulting activities, including business strategies of major divisions, IT project managements with over 300 consultants and engineers, and the formulation of new business and IT concepts. He has started Vista Cruise Inc. at 2006.

Company Profile

Company NameVista Cruise Inc.
Address3-2-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Marunouchi Nijubashi Building 2nd floor, Japan 100-0005
TEL +81 3-6837-9906
Founder and CEOToru Naruse
Establishment onDecember 2006
Capital Stock30 million yen
Legal CounselHayakawa Atsushi Law Office, Atsushi Hayakawa
Businesses and servicesEmilee Services:
・Gig-economy platforms for freelance working mothers,
・Business and IT consulting
・Education and Learnings for AI engineers and kids
・Other staffing and recruiting license businesses
LicenseRecruiting license business 40-yu-300812
General staffing license 13-311622
Business PartnersMajor domestic information and telecommunications companies, foreign consulting firms, domestic independent consulting companies, overseas independent consulting companies, overseas resource agencies, etc.

Company History

December 2006Established Fukuoka Head Office in Fukuoka City
December 2006Start of IT and strategic consulting services
February 2009Start of consulting business for electric power and gas industries
July 2011Start of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) consulting business
January 2012Start of IT human resources and resource development business
April 2012Opened Tokyo Office in Setagaya due to business expansion
May 2014Started international business
July 2015Relocated Tokyo office to Roppongi, Minato-ku due to business expansion
October 2015Start of digital technology business
November 2015Start of policy and economic research projects
August 2016Start of Web recruitment consulting service
January 2018Start of recruitment consulting business under the Emilee brand
February 2018Relocated Tokyo Office to Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku due to business expansion
July 2019First lecture at Emilee AI Academy “Welcome to the world of AI.”
June 2020Emilee Law Suite beta version Released
August 2020Emilee Consultant SAP Internship Program Started
August 2020Emilee Kids LAB opens
October 2020Emilee Law Suite Official Released
February 2021Relocated Tokyo Office to Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku


3-2-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Marunouchi Nijubashi Building 2nd floor 100-0005 Japan

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